Dear BYH,

Even though September is here I feel like summer just started for me. It took me awhile to get things going this summer. I had grand plans for long camping trips and the all elusive, take it for granted FREE TIME. Yet,  here I am, floundering in a mess of could’ve and would’ve end of summer blues. I think something was just a little off – my attention went to the wrong W’s (work, worry and wired) instead of the other other W’s that are clamoring for my attention (wonder, wilderness, and writing.) The good news is that I had a couple things going for me-I’m an early riser and a late bloomer (it’s never too late for me to start.)

Just a few weeks ago there were some signs of hope that summer wouldn’t end in whimpers of wistfulness.  All I needed was a good kick in the arse to get fired up, break habits that weren’t working and simply get out of my own way. A friend of mine calls this a judo move. It’s when you need to make a shift in a different direction quickly. Flip it. Change it up! It literally means to off balance an opponent and throw her to the ground. Sounds intense, yes, but it works. My opponent was my own self. I threw all my excuses and self pity to the ground. I got out there to experience life – my three W’s as my guide. I got out into the wilderness. I’ve hiked, biked, and camped (there are some great very local camping spots!)  I read something different than the stack of yoga and philosophy books that adorn my bedstand and picked up a book called Monkeys are Made of Chocolate. I wrote a poem. I went to the beach with my dog after sunset, in the dark, alone. Simple shifts do the trick. If you need a moving, invigorating shift go see Captain Fantastic-that will stir something indeed.

I firmly stand by my practice of yoga as a way to initiate change and evolution in myself but what happens when yoga feels predictable, hard charging, or too comfortable? This is when I need to get out into the wilderness – attune to nature, think about things from different perspectives and exercise my creativity.

All in all, I’m feeling refueled, prana packed and hopeful for what is to come for all of us at Bainbridge Yoga House! I’m so happy to be on this wild yoga adventure with you and grateful that we have cultivated a community that continues to evolve in a beautiful way!!!

Also, some of you have asked about the Bhagavad Gita class and it is being taught by our wonderful Katie Zonoff…not to be missed!

And for those of you who LOVE the Monday 8am Vinyasa yoga class with Mary Kate, not to worry it will remain the same and is not changing to a heated class.

Just a reminder that we are closed Labor Day and will kick off our new Fall schedule on Tuesday, September 6th.  Click here for a copy. 

Hope everyone has a smooth transition from summer into fall and we’ll see you at the studio!