Hey! I’ve been thinking… what is yoga in a time of COVID-19? Mostly, it’s the same as it ever was and will always be, which is comforting and stabilizing. Here is a reminder from Desikachar of what yoga offers us before, now and moving forward.

Yoga is a coming together.

Yoga is moving from the impossible to the possible.

Yoga is surrender. 

Yoga is universal and teaches universal truths.

Yoga is communal and helps to connect us and

lift the spirit of the community.

Yoga is personal and offers us a lens to look into oneself;

one’s unique and original soul.


As the stay at home order remains, as we continue to live in this space of unknown and unfamiliar I am inquiring and and intuiting to sort of make sense and imagine my life in new ways. I am realizing practical truths. Or perhaps old truths hidden under the muck of busy and “I’ll get to that later.”

Join me in taking some time right now to capture and savor meaning and insight. Let’s frame the conversation in these three ways we define yoga and inquire within.

1. What is coming together?

2. What seemed impossible before and now is more possible? 

3. What and how are you letting go and releasing? 

When I sit with these questions a lot comes up for me, some of it not surprising at all… and much of it to my inner delight. There is a lot to fill up pages of a notebook or space in my heart… but here’s just a glimpse.

Coming together: My family of six comes together EVERY evening in a circle around a table with a candle for at least 30 minutes of sharing food, conversation and a few good laughs. Those of you with teens will understand how HUGE this is… so much with the simple consistent act of coming together around a table for weeks has brought me so many other “comings together.”

Possible: I never thought that I would share yoga online thinking it’s impersonal and just not my jam. Alas, I’m attaining a new way of teaching, connecting, “vibing”, serving and practicing.

Surrender: OH MY GOSH… this could be a laundry list here… letting go of my big birthday plans, huge travel trip this summer, watching my kids and their friends do what they love, gather and make memories, ceremonies and graduations, mother daughter weekend at U of O all the plans wiped out! etc. AND…

Letting go of the busyness, driving, traveling, planning, quick and superficial interactions with people, acquiring, consuming, hurrying, outputting, managing, producing, stressing, achieving… yup…letting go of that shit too!

This has been a universal ass kicker. It’s changing me and my family. For the better. And it’s uncomfortable and off putting and upsetting at times…yet there’s the rub and I choose to do something positive with it all. I know it’s not that for everyone. That is why a part of yoga is very personal. And this is just a personal truth…and your experience is true too.

So what do you say? How would you answer these three questions? …Someday I hope to see you at the yoga house and we can have a GREAT conversation about our GREAT realizations.

Love and gratitude to you all,


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