Happy Summer to you all. It has been wonderful to see so many of you coming in to practice at the House even on really hot, steamy summer days when it almost feels counter intuitive to be inside. I’ve so enjoyed teaching yoga, hanging out with my kids at the beach, reading books, and gazing at the stars late at night from my rooftop. Simple things that make me feel so alive and content. I’m also stretching my mind to work in different ways by learning how to use a new website. I have told my brain for many years that I am “not a tech person”. Over the last decade I have decided that I have too much to coordinate in my brain between raising kids and teaching yoga and all the other odds and ends that take up my days. That self talk fortified something in my brain that actually shut me off from learning and cultivating a beginner’s mind. And, you know, it really worked for me for some time. But, now here I am at 45 years old feeling like I’m ready to bust out of that solid mindset that holds me down and keeps me too safe. I know I need to put my stubbornness and fear aside and embrace the growth mindset. So, I did. I have a wonderful website mentor who encourages me “to practice” to “be patient” and offers guidance from time to time when I just can’t even figure out how to cut and paste. All of those words I know so well. As a yoga teacher I ask you all to practice, be patient and in a sense “to cut and paste” your attention on what is present and meaningful. It’s all the same thing. But, it’s startling how much I can get set in my ways of thinking and believing, how my own advice gets lost in translation when I’m learning a new skill that feels so foreign and uncomfortable. In truth I am grateful for the opportunity to start again, to open my mind to new ways of thinking about the inner and outer world, and to quietly discovering all the wisdom that comes when I am truly present in the beginner’s mind.

With gratitude and love