Chispa means “spark” in Spanish. When Tom and I lived in Spain the folks would say “tiene chispa” as someone or something has a certain spark that is illuminating, curious, and joyful. So here are some “chispas” from my creative heart to yours. I hope yoga gives you mucho chispa!

“take our questions for a walk”

HI Folks, I know that you are all out there somewhere in this new here and now that seems actually less elusive and fleeting and more dimensional and solid. By now we have perhaps out-habited the old patterns and ways pre-pandemic and found new rhythms, interests, anxieties and wonders. If we made a time [...]

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Three Questions…

Hey! I've been thinking... what is yoga in a time of COVID-19? Mostly, it's the same as it ever was and will always be, which is comforting and stabilizing. Here is a reminder from Desikachar of what yoga offers us before, now and moving forward. Yoga is a coming together. Yoga is moving [...]

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“what is beautiful and true?”

Hello Yogis, I'm reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle, who asks some really good questions. Or perhaps it's that right now I'm spending more meaningful time answering the questions.  She asks, "what is beautiful and true?" When I get quiet and still this is what comes into knowing when I ask myself "what is beautiful and [...]

“what is beautiful and true?”2020-05-14T21:36:22-07:00

Times like these

Hello Yogis, I hope this finds you well. And, I don't mean well - like "happy" well - because I'm quite certain that you are all mediating all the feels and emotions that come with "times like these." The crazy thing is that we as a planet haven't experienced anything like this before. We [...]

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Baby Essence

Dear Friends I’ve had the honor this year teaching mindfulness in schools. When I look out at a classroom of students I notice how they are in a phase of finding their identity. I notice how they want to find what makes them unique and different. I also notice how they want to belong [...]

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