Chispa means “spark” in Spanish. When Tom and I lived in Spain the folks would say “tiene chispa” as someone or something has a certain spark that is illuminating, curious, and joyful. So here are some “chispas” from my creative heart to yours. I hope yoga gives you mucho chispa!

Dear Friends You know those moments you have in yoga when it feels like the sky opens up and rain or sunshine pours into your heart and shazam! - you feel connected and understood? Just the other day I had one of those sweet moments at the end of Misty's class as we were winding down [...]



Dear Friends   It's odd that each calendar month comes clothed with a specific attribute; November wears gratitude and Love is suitable for February. Or is it? Like yoga, gratitude and love are daily practices that do not belong to a certain month of the year nor season or trend. It's peculiar how one [...]



Each year my husband and I enjoy asking each other this question, "what is your word of the year?" I suppose it's grown out of or in resistance from forming New Year's resolutions. For some reason, one word offers an umbrella or a container to help suggest and guide as we continue the path [...]


“The Christmas Letter”

There is one tradition you don't mess with in the family I grew up in during the holidays - "The Christmas Letter". Each year ever since my sisters and I could form letters on paper we had to write a letter. We wrote through our teens and twenties and even when we all got [...]

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Happy Birthday BYH!

Dear BYH Yogis, Congratulations! We are turning 5 years old TODAY - November 1st - at the Day Road abode! I truly can't believe it was five years ago that we moved from the tiny house in the woods on Arrow Point Drive to what I lovingly call "the meat packing district" of Bainbridge [...]

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