Class Descriptions

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What kind of Yoga do you teach at BYH?

This is an idea of how we define yoga here at BYH

Come Together/Unite: Through the practice of yoga we are uniting the strands of the mind together—directing our intentions into action. Thoughts become actions and we learn to be more aware and attentive because of this union of the strands of the mind. We are also coming together in breath, body and mind—becoming more aligned and wholesome mentally. Lastly, we are coming together in sangha or in community to affirm our need for each other and for healthy relationships.

Surrender: The yoga we teach asks you to surrender…let go of specific outcomes, release tension and stress, rid yourself of guardedness, fear or worry. We ask that you even surrender your control over what kind of yoga you will practice (is there music? will there be a lot of chaturangas? will I be able to do the poses? will I be flexible enough? Will I like the class? will it be spiritual?) We practice surrender to the moment and to the practice. By surrendering we open our minds and hearts into a Beginner’s Mind which is what we are cultivating as yoga students.

Potential: Yoga is the art of moving from the “impossible” to the possible from inertia to potential.     “The starting point for this thought is that there is something that we are today unable to do; when we find the means for bringing that desire into action, that step is yoga.  When we find a way to touch our toes or gain more understanding of of ourselves or others through a discussion—these changes and movements are all actions of potential.

How do we practice this YOGA?

Each class is unique, fresh and creative. What is consistent is the quality of care to all the students. We care by offering a safe learning environment with passionate and well trained and experienced teachers. Most classes will begin and end with meditation, offer a well balanced physical practice that moves at an even pace (some classes are more vinyasa focused while other classes offer up sequences with longer holds typical of a Hatha Flow class) You have the freedom to choose the intensity for your practice and to opt in and to opt out. We hope to encourage, open up possibilities and guide you to listen to your body’s inner language.  You may experience a class with one or many of the following: chanting, yin yoga poses, pranayama, yoga nidra, inversions, partner work, guided meditaiton/visualizations, music

Yoga with heat

Same great yoga class but with heat!  Heated=you will sweat

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a soft and still practice–a beautiful complement to a dynamic vinyasa class. The long held floor asana therapeutically stress the connective tissues of the body, increasing hydration and flexibility in the joints. The sequences target the meridians stimulating the flow of chi, or prana, much like acupuncture. Combined with Ujjayi breathing, ethical teachings and meditation, consistent Yin practice leaves you feeling light, clear and relaxed.

Sustainable Yoga

A gentle practice that can be maintained throughout the course of our lives.

Kids Yoga ( Ages 7-12 )

Bring the kids for their own class while you enjoy yoga.  Kids will LOVE this class with certified kids’ yoga teacher Joyce Cooley. Kids will learn though yoga movements, story, play and relaxation.

Prenatal Yoga

Our pregnant bodies are changing at a rapid rate, growing new life and transforming in the most abundant and life-affirming ways!  This class celebrates the joys and challenges of those changes, providing movement, breath and meditation to deeply connect with our bodies and growing babies. 

Japa Meditation

The practice of japa meditation (or recitation of mantra) is a powerful tool to calm and center the mind and the body. The beauty of this practice is in it’s simplicity:  The repeating (often 108 times) of concise Sanskrit phrases that invoke universal sacred sounds and principles of light, love, health and wholeness. Japa meditation helps to increase clarity of both mind and body while also increasing feelings of well-being, bliss and joy! Truly, all are welcome.

Guided Meditation

This class is a playful and easy exploration of different styles of meditation. We’ll try guided meditations and moments of quiet and stillness. No experience necessary!  This class will end in time for you to practice with the 9:30am asana class. You just might have a totally new experience with your asana practice if you meditate before!