Project Description

Dear PNW Community,

I am so happy to be with all of you again. Some thoughts for our upcoming time together;

Perspective is the ability to reposition oneself to catch a different reflection; unveil truths and choices and worlds of potential. Gratitude or rage, peace or fervor. We have the capacity to hold it, see it, feel it, and use it for ourselves and each other.

I practice yogic techniques for the experience of being in a body. For the experience of being home. In gratitude of choice. For the revelations that arise when I cease to intellectualize the relationship between spirit and everything else. Mythos demystified, felt. Because of this practice, I am called to action. To remember what moves through me and use it during my short time visiting this place to help others and the planet. For perspective.

In this workshop we’ll employ discussion, asana, pranayama, and meditative technique to explore the cosmic dance between circumstance and choice.

Come as you are.

With Love,
Eva Giorgi

All experiences will weave Katonah Yoga’s synthesis of myth, math, metaphor and Chinese Medicine through the pragmatic, palpable fits of the body in Asana, imaginatively guided meditations and breath-work and are bankable towards Katonah Yoga® Certification.


Saturday, March 14, 12-3p

“Be present. reflect back. See it coming”

Theory, themes and practice inspired by Nevine Michaan’s 2020 Calendar of Material.



Saturday, March 14, 4-6pm

Sequences for the collective and personal Season.

We are nature’s implicit patterns incarnate- spatially, seasonally, practically, magically.

Springtime is an awakening. Each seed having been steeped to soften in the deep watery conditions of Winter becomes poised to sprout and blossom.

Through our movement and care-practices, we’ll explore how to emulate and fortify the conditions within body, breath and imagination inspirit of Spring’s arrival.


BREATH SONG 1hr pranayama

Sunday, March 15, 12-1pm

The breath is how we keep time in Space.

Positioning you in the center of cosmic circumstances and earthly circuitry. The breath is your meter and music.

The technical breath, opposed to our autonomic breath, has a goal. We can use the breath to churn, whip, temper and soothe. Blast beats in the car or a lullaby before bed.

This breath work practice is aerobic and vibratory designed to strike a personal chord by implementing the universal rhythm: in, out.



Sunday, March 15, 1-4pm

linking form to number, sacred geometry, myth, personal narrative and universal truths.

Asana is a great exploration of the human condition.

It greets us with profound commonality; our own embodiment. While explicitly, our bodies range in abilities, we all have one.

We are NOT archetypes but referencing them creates understanding, clarity and consciousness surrounding our existence; personally and collectively.

This is a socratic workshop, be prepared to observe, ask, and reflect!

we will cover:

The Magic Square
The archetype of numbers
Mapping the Body
Linking Myth to movement
Taoist Principles
Tarot Exploration

About Eva:
Eva’s dedication in cultivating an integrated, creative practice in relation to land, cosmos, plants and people weaves her holistic approach in facilitating personal discovery, healing, and communal well-being.

Eva began formal training with Katonah Yoga founder, Nevine Michaan in 2004. Katonah Yoga is syncretic, with roots in various lineages and philosophies; each thread embroidering every modality Eva studies and uses in her practices. She studies and has received accreditations in herbalism, aromatherapy, physical theater and sustainable agriculture.

Eva collaborated with Nevine in developing the Katonah Yoga Teacher Training program in which she serves as a guiding light and mentor for those in training as well as for Katonah Yoga teachers whom compass Nevine’s material globally.

“I have never known a teacher as eloquent as Eva. The beauty of her language turns every class into a deep dive into ones self and ultimately connects students to the magic of the cosmos. Her holistic approach has changed the way I practice and teach the art of yoga.” – Jillian Gumbel

“Eva has taught me that the Katonah Yoga practice is holistic, in the sense that it is holy and whole. As my teacher and mentor, she has shown me by example and with integrity, how practice is meant to support the wholeness of one’s life. Her vast knowledge of Katonah Yoga theory, anatomy, Chinese medicine, taoism and herbalism, is clearly and poetically woven into her teachings. Her classes offer a personal practice with a universal perspective, and leave me feeling deeply inspired, softened, connected and whole.” – Lauren Buckles

“When I first met Eva she was teaching in a training I was a part of and I was struck by her humility, patience and obvious depth of knowledge of the plant world and aromatherapy. Shortly thereafter I started taking class with her where I continued to learn from her about Taoism and Katonah Yoga theory and practice. As a teacher Eva has a gift that is rare; she conveys the essence of Katonah Yoga to students through enchantingly poetic yet pragmatic cueing and dialogue. She has a highly trained and simultaneously intuitive approach to reading a body and giving appropriate adjustment so that the student can really learn something new from the pose. I always feel cared for and inspired when Eva is leading and I have learned a tremendous amount from her generous teachings.” – Robin Kidder

“Eva knew how to use the Katonah Yoga® dialogue to fill the yoga practice with measure and meaning. Being guided in a hatha flow by Eva’s metaphoric language is when the practice becomes a friend, instead of just exercise. It’s when the movements become a purposeful reminder to fit myself first, to occupy the center of my sphere, so that really I can have choices in life instead of drifting off too deep to one end of the spectrum. Physically and figuratively.
And when the practice becomes a friend who reminds me that life is full of options and crossroads that I can use to drive to destinations, then the practice never really leaves, it’s like a kind companion being with me, reminding me that I have a choices when I think I’m out of options. Thank you for making that so clear, Eva. “ Aaron Martin, Shared Space HK


Saturday, March 14, 12-3pm  & 4 – 6pm

Sunday, March 15, 12-1pm & 1- 4pm


Entire Weekend – $175

Saturday, March 14, 12-3pm – EMBODYING THE VISION (3 hour) – $75

Saturday, March 14, 4-6pm – SEASONAL PRACTICE (2 hours) – $50

Sunday, March 15, 12-1pm – BREATH SONG (1 hour) – $20

Sunday, March 15, 1-4pm – ARCHETYPAL ASANA (3 hours) – $75


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