Project Description

A Yoga and Chinese Medicine workshop with Jen Breen and Annie Robbins

Join yoga teacher Jen and 5 element acupuncturist Annie for an afternoon of yoga, pranayama and conversation as we begin to emerge from our Winter soulful depths and ready ourselves for an inspirational and lively Spring. The practice and the material you will gather intend to bring about a new sense of balance and perspective that will support you to move through changes in a more attuned and conscious way.

Here is a taste of what we will focus on during our time together.

According to Chinese medicine, we are most vulnerable to encountering imbalance in body, mind or spirit during the seasonal transitions. The transition from Winter (Water) to Spring (Wood) brings tremendous change from the greatest yin time to yang bursting from yin. The transition is BIG as we come out of the darkness to light! and just as we can see signs in the ground of plants breaking through the soil, the landscape of the pandemic is shifting around us with signs of light seen at the end of the tunnel. We have created this workshop to offer you tools to bring your body forward with vision, renewal and the momentum of Spring and ready to shift outward from the inward directed energy of Winter. A healthy Wood element brings balance, good judgment, confidence and beautiful flexibility to adapt to change—just what we all need in these times! Join us to tune up our bodies to emerge out of Winter with Wood energy allowing us to be firmly rooted in the past, standing tall in the present while holding a clear vision for our future.


Saturday, Feb. 28th, 12-2:30pm

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