Katonah Yoga Intensive with Eva Giorgi

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Project Description

Katonah Yoga Intensive with Eva Giorgi

This module will uncover the links between Katonah Yoga’s theory, dialogue and practice. “Katonah Yoga is a syncretic Hatha yoga practice developed by Nevine Michaan over 40 years. She and her teachers incorporate classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination – in a practical framework designed to potentiate personal and communal well-being.”

Investigate imaginings between Taoist thought, universal principles, and nature cross-pollinated with embodied technique- your practice on the mat.

All welcome!

DAY 1: Introduction to Katonah Yoga

We will move through a workshop style flow designed to cultivate personal measure. Get a taste and feel for the guiding metaphors and poetically precise alignment to refine your frame, flush your organs, pump your glands, manipulate your mood.

Expect to heat up, cool down, restore.

DAY 2: Dive a little deeper into the Maps, Metaphor, Myth and Math of Katonah Yoga

We will dive a little deeper into the Maps, Metaphor, Myth and Math of Katonah Yoga theory through discussion and a full Pranayama experience. Imagining your body as your home gives rise to a richly equipped blueprint of our internal territory. We will use pranayama techniques to metaphorically move through each room and cement imaginative articulation into embodied knowledge. If time, we will look at individuals positioning using these maps and metaphors. Reorient personal positioning to fr optimal organic function and joy!

A little about Eva:
Eva believes in insight through exploration. Her pursued interests in practical applications of spirituality led her to acquire accreditations and experience in yoga, herbalism, aromatherapy, tarot studios, performance and visual arts. Each modality yokes Evas mission of embodiment, self-expression and accountability to oneself and the environment.

Eva has traveled to and immersed herself in many landscapes and communities to pursue formal training and work experience in the artistries of physical theater, space making, movement, photography, textiles and sustainability. From Eva’s college experience as a performance major, to cooking meals on mountaintops, sleeping in deserts, beaches and forest floors, to teaching in local yoga studios and working in a Vaudeville ensemble in North Carolina, or crafting wild plant medicine, Eva’s dedication to consciously develop and cultivate an integrated creative practice in relation to land, cosmos, plants and people weaves her holistic approach in facilitating personal discovery and communal well-being.

Katonah yoga is an intrinsic piece of Evas life. Eva has developed a strong personal practice and a unique teaching narrative since 2004, studying with her mentor Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga. Eva collaborated with Nevine in developing the Katonah Yoga Teacher Training program and Katonah Yoga s home on the web. She continues to root her practice working privately, teaching public classes, and hosting workshops and trainings at Nevine Michaan s Katonah Yoga Center in Bedford Hills, NY. Eva also moves Katonah Yoga material in collaboration with studios around the world.

“When I first met Eva she was teaching in a training I was a part of and I was struck by her humility, patience and obvious depth of knowledge of the plant world and aromatherapy. Shortly thereafter I started taking class with her where I continued to learn from her about Taoism and Katonah Yoga theory and practice. As a teacher Eva has a gift that is rare; she conveys the essence of Katonah Yoga to students through enchantingly poetic yet pragmatic cueing and dialogue. She has a highly trained and simultaneously intuitive approach to reading a body and giving appropriate adjustment so that the student can really learn something new from the pose. I always feel cared for and inspired when Eva is leading and I have learned a tremendous amount from her generous teachings.” – Robin Kidder

“Eva Giorgi is your assimilated teacher in the practical and mystical Katonah Yoga material. She generously leads her workshops by weaving Taoist theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbology with metaphor and myth, a true inspiration for any student.” – Alison Grande


Saturday, August 18, 1:30-4:30pm

Sunday, August 19, 12-3pm


Entire Weekend – $120

Individual Workshops – $65


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