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Taking place on Bainbridge Island and Victoria, BC. We will be taking Best Advantage of this work, our time and this gorgeous part of the world. 

Those in process or complete with their Katonah Yoga Certifications. All teachers, students, multidisciplinary practitioners and even those seeking to establish a practice in their daily lives.
This wholistic system is for EveryOne.

Your body is where everything lives, happens and thrives. Grow/build a more safe, sane, functional, joyful you, a viable, worthy container for all of what you are, duly prepared for what life may hand you. Individual/communal wholistic practice for personal/universal well-being.~ Ivy Ray

 Available as 50, 30 and 15 hour trainings.

50 hour & 30 hour workshops take place in both locations  – Bainbridge Island & Victoria BC.    15 hour workshops take place in either Bainbridge or Victoria, BC.

*50 hour training (Advanced Mentorship Program) is available to only 10 students – please reserve your spot early

Accommodation recommendations will be sent to you in a confirmation email.

Bainbridge Island Studio – Bainbridge Yoga House – 7861 NE Day Rd W, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 –

Victoria, BC Studio – Michelle Rubin Yoga – 202-1600 Bay St, Victoria, BC V8R 2B6, Canada –

About Katonah Yoga:

KATONAH YOGA® is a unique emergent synthesis of Absolutes woven into pragmatic; calculable techniques and contributory theoretical material. From Great nature to an ongoing conscious exploration of Personal nature, from the pragmatic mysticism of TAO, patterned intelligence and medicine of the seasons to skillful self-management/manipulation of YOU in Space and Time, all through the body, breath and imagination. We orient and organize, via Nevine Michaan’s Territorial Wisdom; maps, geographical charts, work with number, geometry, measure, form, fit, function, metaphor and magic distilling this and more into pragmatic tools and techniques which bring it all into You, where it is designed to be Worn, Used, Lived, Explored and in time Embodied, in an aim of becoming more Evenly Developed/Freely Functional, Effective, Joyful, mediated Virtuous women, men, teachers, leaders, parents, friends…This Wholistic all-inclusive System is for EveryOne and is to be woven into your already life/current tradition ~Ivy Ray.

Katonah Yoga has been developed by it’s founder Nevine Michaan over the last 40 years.

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Bainbridge:  Friday, June 21 – Monday, June 24

Victoria: Friday, June 28 – Sunday, June 30

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Pricing for Trainings:
*$100 discount if you register by May 1st
$1650 for 50 hours
$1000 for 30 hours
$525 for 15 hours


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