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Shamanism is a practice of connecting with nature and the unseen mysteries of life through ceremony. Shamanic traditions have been a part of virtually every indigenous culture across the planet for thousands of years. This was how our ancestors learned about energy. It’s also the reason many of us feel such power in the practice of ceremony. Today, we look to science for answers and accuracy. Quantum Theory tells us that our world is made up of energy, and that this energy contains unlimited information. In this class we will explore the connection between ancient traditions and modern-day science to empower your own journey of Intuitive Development.

The ability to perceive the energy around us is called intuition, something we all possess.

As we grow, we are taught how to interact with the energy that we can physically see, taste, touch, smell and hear. What most of us are not taught is how to interpret information we’re getting from the energy around us that can’t be seen or physically touched. We are swimming in a sea of information, but without the tools to understand it we can often feel scattered, confused or overwhelmed, much like trying to interpret static on a radio. Just like a radio can be tuned to pick up a certain frequency, we can also learn to dial into the information around us in a clear and manageable way.

This class provides a foundation on the physics of energy, different ways to interpret energy, practicing ceremony and ritual to keep your energy clear and your body grounded, and using your intuition as a valuable skill in everyday life. Developing your intuitive ability is like learning your own personal language of relationship. It is a beautiful way to love and understand yourself, and the world around you, better.

Knowledge is the antidote to fear In the absence of fear there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Erin LeTellier is a licensed mental health counselor with a background in anatomy, and a decade of experience and training in the study of energy. Professional intuitive training includes Cross- Cultural Shamanism, Reiki, Energy Medicine, and working with master teachers in the Vedic traditions. She has lived in 4 different countries, and is a dedicated learner through life experience. Erin is passionate about teaching people of all ages how to understand their minds and bodies, and believes that with knowledge we empower ourselves and future generations.


Saturday, March 28, 1-5pm




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