Project Description

The darker, slower pace of winter offers us the opportunity to turn inward and replenish our vital energy — our Qi. Through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 Element Theory we will learn techniques to flow with the season and its’ driving elemental force, water.


In this 3-hour seasonal workshop, expect an introduction to the water element, its corresponding organs and meridian lines and a discussion of what the body and mind look like when this element is balanced. We will nourish ourselves with an extended yin yoga practice designed to bring balance, restore energy and support us throughout the winter season.


You will leave with practical, simple tools and gifts to deeply rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. This is a practice for everyone.


Yin yoga is a receptive practice designed to target the joints, connective tissues and energy lines of the body. Poses are held in stillness for lengths of time resulting in a grounded, focused, open and relaxed state in both body and mind.


This workshop is led by Anna Scofield and Sara Tuminello.

Anna is a Licensed Acupuncturist and holds a M.S. in Oriental Medicine. She offers a light and accessible approach when sharing the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Sara Tuminello is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor who loves the accessibility, simplicity and potency of Yin Yoga. She leads students on healing journeys that weave together the pragmatic and mystical for a whole body, mind and soulful experience.


Saturday, January 25, 12:30-3:30pm




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