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Bainbridge Yoga House is pleased to showcase the works of local fine artists.  Please stop in and check it out! If you are interested in showing your work, contact Drew Kunz:

Currently on Exhibit:   Sharon von Ibsch

Artists Statement:

I find the things in life that calm and center me to be my most favorite activities.  Hiking, yoga, painting – all are a meditation in motion.  When painting found me, I had what we now term an “aha” moment.  I thought to myself, where has this been my whole life?  I was hooked!  I took one painting class my last quarter in college, and have taught myself for the last 20 years through repetition and constantly challenging myself with images that scare the bejeezus out of me.  Only when we truly test ourselves do we find out we are capable of much more than we think!

The paintings on display in the yoga house rspan multiple years, multiple periods of my life.  However, they all culminate in the large rhododendron piece entitled “She Persisted.”

Personally, life has been a roller coaster the last few years. Through it all, and now on the other side, I was able to find my core, and my strength.  I learned I was much more strong and capable than I thought I was.  “She Persisted” is a nod and an explanation of true female strength.  Just like flowers, we as a gender were thought to not be capable, or strong.  But we have recently shown our power when we stand up for ourselves and demand to be seen and heard.  “She Persisted,” and all of my other work with flowers show what is normally meek and delicate, in large stunning glory.  Delicacy can be strong.  It is not an oxymoron.  We persist, we move forward, and we stand strong in our presence.