Bainbridge Yoga House is pleased to showcase the works of local fine artists.  Please stop in and check it out! If you are interested in showing your work, contact Drew Kunz:

Currently on Exhibit:  Jane Schupay

Artists Statement:

My inspiration includes my children, grandchildren, students, a long career in Nursing, nature, animals, humor and lack of humor in the world. Except for mud pies as a kid, I did not touch clay until I was 51 years old. I was easily hooked, so I took art classes after work and entered the fascinating world of creating art to balance my intense work as a nurse.

I am always fascinated that my hands interpret my ideas through the ancient art form of clay. The challenge of creating something new is exciting and find myself lost in the creative process unaware of time passing….meditative, energy renewed, pain relieved. I find the camaraderie and creative inspiration of other artists in the studio essential. I hope to work in clay as long as my fingers hold out as it provides endless creative fun and balance in my life.

I always welcome a challenge for something new if one wishes an art commission to reflect their specifications, ideas or needs.

I offer classes and workshops for beginners and experienced clay artists of all ages at Rolling Clay Artist Studio and Gallery at 11236 NE Sunrise Dr., Bainbridge Island. For details: