Dear BYH Yogis,

Congratulations! We are turning 5 years old TODAY – November 1st – at the Day Road abode! I truly can’t believe it was five years ago that we moved from the tiny house in the woods on Arrow Point Drive to what I lovingly call “the meat packing district” of Bainbridge Island. I’m grateful for so many people and serendipitous events that made this dream come true. I’m grateful to my husband who has always had my back and has been a loving and enthusiastic supporter. He is also a fine lease negotiator-all of this he quietly does in the background to ensure that our yoga home has solid and healthy roots. I’m grateful to Darrell Cooley who had some sort of rainbow colored vision glasses on when he stumbled upon this big warehouse space with concrete floors and high ceilings and said to me…”Jen, this is a blank open canvas. Anything is possible here.” He was right.  

I’m grateful for all the teachers past, present and yet unknown to me future teachers! Without loving, intelligent and passionate teachers who bring creativity and new ways of offering yoga in its most multi dimensional facets and expressions and from ancient tradition to modern relevance. I love the teachers at BYH and I’ve learned from and been inspired by all of them. I’m grateful for the amazing and talented behind the scenes folks who from the very beginning have spent time and energy beautifying, communicating, sharing, connecting and providing wise counsel and feedback through a decade of BYH’s growing up years namely Tammy, Tijen, Misty, Ann, Kathie and Joyce. 

Today I am somewhere in India – hopefully up top Shiva Mountain standing there in tadasana looking out across the world at YOU as a smile millionaire and joy billionaire with a heart full of gratitude and love for you and your presence at BYH.I’m grateful for YOU…yogis in the BYH community. Without you we wouldn’t be celebrating 5 years of our thriving existence. It is for you that I yearned to build and grow a yoga studio community for us to find ways of being in the world that are positive, generous and empowering. My intention has always been about community and building enriching and loving personal and communal friendships. There is no place like BYH-there is no place like home. 

Let’s continue the journey, With practice all is coming. Keep lighting up the world with your brightness. It needs it now and always.