Dear Friends,

As a yoga teacher and a general fan of the breath, I say on any given day many many times out loud, “just breathe.” I try to say it in novel ways. Inhale light, exhale cloudiness. Conscious breathing, conscious meditation. Notice your breathing. Big breath in and open your mouth and e x h a l e. So, yeah, “just breathe.” The funny thing is though that now breathing is an actual mainstream response to people when they are stressed, sad, uncomfortable, angry, disappointed, or confused. 

“My kid is having a tantrum.”  

“Ah, just breathe.”

“I’ve lost my job.”

“Just breathe.”

“I’m unsure what to do in my life.”

“Just breathe.”

“How do I get through the next four years?”

“Just breathe.”

Well, yes and no. Just breathe is the catch all phrase that sounds really good but is much more challenging to put into practice, especially in the heat of “a moment.” I’m curious about the technique of breathing. We all “do it” and for most it comes naturally. What we need though to “just breathe” is serious practice and technique. There is attention to breathing techniques in yoga trainings and even in some yoga classes but honestly it takes practice and time to learn not only about our lungs, diaphragms, ribs, intercostals etc. but also about measure, cadence, tone, rhythm, clarity, fit and function of the breath. There is so much to this “just breathing.” 

The cool thing is that the techniques and tools are out there for us all. The teachings are not locked up in secret boxes with the mystics and gurus in exotic lands rather they can be accessed right here, right now. In fact, there is really no excuse not to practice breathing techniques and why wouldn’t one? It’s free, it’s accessible and it’s one of the fastest ways to clear your mind/vision, to circulate prana, to rid negative energy patterns, to stimulate the mind/body and to get you moving in the direction of– dare I say –JOY! 

Practice this technique and the magic of “just breathe” will bloom vibrant possibilities and provide nourishment for your mind.This month I will be focusing more on breath work. Also check out our upcoming workshops that will emphasize the power of breath. I hope you tune in to your breathing in new and practical, mystical ways. Leverage this technique in your life to move out of stagnation and disappointment and reform and transform your mind and body reflecting and celebrating the season of spring – resurrected, reassured, and renewed. 

With love and gratitude,