Hello BYH!

It’s that time of year when everyone is starting to panic because summer is nearing its “end” and August is here! I see people around town lamenting the end of summer-how they didn’t get to do everything they had set out to do including clean out closets, hike Mt. Townsend, spend lazy days on the beach, read the stack of summer novels etc. The lists go on. This summer I’ve let go of a laundry list of expectations only out of necessity. There is just too much life going on right under my feet – like our new puppy who arrived just a few weeks ago. 

But, for some freakish reason I kept going forward with the dog. The more I meditated and tuned in the more clear I got – yup, it’s time to get a puppy. To me, the whole process has been a classic yogic exercise: Ask a question, wait for clarity, listen for inner guidance and prompting and dare to do what inner voice asks me to do. (This is something I learned long ago from teacher Erich Schiffmann.) The more I practice this tuning in to the clear,easeful inner voice the more aligned I feel and oriented towards a truer path. It was also a good reminder that the doubters need to be invited in because they test my intuition and convictions. I need them all – the supporters and the naysayers. Yes, I (or we) did the unthinkable…adding one more to our abundant brood.  The choice to get a puppy was not impulsive nor happenstance. We didn’t see our sweet little “Otis” at the Farmer’s Market in a box looking forlorn and in need of a big loving family. No, this was a thoughtful decision. Our kids have wanted a puppy for years. Over the last few years we stalled, we gave excuses and we argued over what breed of dog to get. Tom grew up with Boxers and I grew up with Springer Spaniels. Out of family tradition each of us felt that we needed to carry on the family breed. Finally, the kids rebelled and set us straight. They made a case for finding a dog that is unique to our family – I suppose this is what happens in Beginner’s Mind Puppy Selecting. So, in February we jumped our first hurdle in getting a dog…we found a mixed breed and a litter of pups on the way. Months of waiting for our puppy and kids telling family members and friends of the impending new addition brought a barrage of comments and doubters. “How are you going to handle a new puppy!” “You know Jen, you will be the one to do all the work!” “You don’t have a fenced yard!” “Just wait until the vet bill!” “You are never at home!” “Who will train the dog?” Questions, concerns and naysayers!! I heard them all, I smiled at them all, and I processed them all. 

In reflection, I think yoga is multidimensional and relational. It’s not what we do it’s how and it’s NOW. It’s the yoga we practice to hike to vistas of clarity, it’s tuning inward to better tame the jumpiness of the mind and others’ minds to fall into the true nature of being and braving. It’s stopping and pausing from going around to try to convince the world of what I know to be true in my heart and instead take the leap of faith and trust that it’s all going to be ok.

And, if you are wondering-so far so good. It’s joy, work, growth, love, effort…all of it. 

This August I hope you are encouraged to throw the summer bucket list away and just stop, tune in and listen…what is that sound? wait until you hear the sound of your true inner voice, get clarity and DARE!

Hope to see you at one of the workshops we have for you this August with Pradeep, Kristy Tonti and Mary Kate and that you consider traveling your yoga practice to Mexico with Claire and I this November or Costa Rica with Mary Kate and I next May.

As always, thank you for showing up at the House and for making this community so bright and beautiful!