Greetings Yogis,

I’ve written this December newsletter to you several times now. What has come out is a lot of talk about post election and living in overstimulating, “rajastic” times. I even read my kids some of it (thanks, mom!) and they said to me, “Mom, the election is OVER! Can’t we just talk about something fun now?” I was stuck though. I wasn’t able to just sit down as I do each month and just write to you a simple letter about yoga and life. I leaned on my friend Tova who suggested to write for the ages not just the times. I realized then that most of my writing was in reaction to the times. I even included a great quote from Friend’s sitcom star Jennifer Aniston. She was asked about a “Friends reunion.” She said, “I don’t know what we would do. I think that period of time was sort of nostalgic, you know? There’s something about a time where our faces weren’t shoved into cell phones and we weren’t like, checking Facebooks and Instagrams, and we were in a room together-or at a coffeehouse together-and we were talking,” she added. “And we’ve lost that.”

Then, Claire Dederer, my friend and writing teacher gave me an idea to just get my writing flowing again and to shake things up on what container I choose to funnel the creativity through. She suggested to write something as if I am writing a “How To” on any topic. So, I tried it and wrote a simple How To that is inspired by my friend Joyce and the book by Paulo Coelho called The Alchemist. The How To is titled, “How to be a Divine Alchemist Upon Waking.”

A Divine Alchemist is someone who can take all those base metals that seem unworthy or useless and with patience, intention and faith turn them into something of use, of worth– like gold. Spiritual Alchemy is from and for the ages.  A Divine Alchemist is a practical, ordinary person who simply dares to do what her inner self prompts her to do. S/he believes in magic, opens to mystery and has a calm, clear, grounded and peaceful disposition.  I’m surrounded by Divine Alchemists-they teach my kids, they bring food to the homeless, they mobilize people to stand up for others who face injustice…there are countless examples in our own community. They are also luminaries we have all been inspired by-Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr.

Now is the time to go inward, upward, outward and onward. It all starts with you. 

You too are a Divine Alchemist and the world needs you! 

I hope you try this at home-no special, exotic or expert experience is necessary. All it takes is your light-hearted and earnest attention. I hope you try it and let me know how it goes. It’s my gift to you this holiday season. Happy shape-shifting and dream-making. 

With love,