Dear Yogis,

Every day this spring I’ve been determined to get outside to watch the transformation of the plants and trees. I visualize Mother Nature in human form marveling at her seasonal magic and experimentation. Each year a new offspring, a new expression of dogwood, slightly differentiated hues on the magnolia blossoms and the suspense of whether or not a tree will bear fruit this year. I observe the becoming and the adapting that all of these trees and plants have had to undergo as it meets the elements of the environmental variables and the culture in which they are coming into being. 

I’ve taken on Mother’s Nature’s challenge in my own way this Spring. My intention is to become again too-expressing myself with transparency and honesty and courageously allowing the beauty and vibrancy I feel inside to shine outwardly. I also am learning to adapt to the environment I live in which can be challenging. As much as I yearn to reject and change the outside world that seems to be increasingly contentious, competitive, individualized and fearful I am quick to realize that this change begins with my own daily actions, choices and thought patterns. 

I’m learning to adapt to this fast changing world in ways that are simple and strange. I don’t care anymore if I’m “weird.” I feel better. I feel empowered and less stuck with a world gone mad and more trusting of the little shifts I can make to take part in life’s creation, and my own becoming. It’s a beautiful Spring. It’s a beautiful life. I’m thankful for the practice of yoga and for your presence in the community. It is nourishing and restoring something magical inside of me. I’m becoming more aware of the little things that I can do to bring more ease and joy into my life and therefore into those all around. Here are some examples of the simple yet profound shifts I’m making to live in accord with my inner nature. When I wake up in the morning I sit by the window and watch the moss on the tree. This slows me down and helps cultivate awareness of nature. I drink two glasses of water and say internally as I drink, “Joy” and “To life.” When I go to a coffee shop I order a coffee. Have you noticed how special our orders have become? Light ice, no foam, one pump. almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk, no fat, some fat, triple shot, extra hot…” I’m watching how special my orders and desires have become to suit my pleasures. I do not think this hyper convenience and curated way of living is healthy for me anymore so I’m keeping it simple and ordinary…coffee it is.  I practice yoga. Breath, movement and awareness. I care less about the brand or style of yoga and more about the authenticity of the teacher and the embrace of a genuine community of all walks of life. I am choosing to take in very little news. My body is feeling overwhelmed by the negativity, divisiveness and pervasiveness of our human news. I’m replacing it with the news of the day when my kids get home from school and the news that I hear from the birds outside my window. How much information from the outside is necessary and healthy for me? Is the news reinforcing fear of the world or is the news inviting me to take part in the evolution of humankindness.  I’m remembering to meditate all the time. I’m learning an approach called “light awareness” or “gentle attention” that is a useful and dare I say a fun tool to use all day long. It’s working in surprising and unusual ways. I am also meeting friends in person and less through email and text chats. Even a phone call feels more intimate and connected. 

I wonder how you are becoming? How do you adapt to change without succumbing to the defilements that drag you down or separate you from the whole? How do you bring more joy and ease into the world being you? Let’s explore and experiment together!

With love gratitude and curiosity