HI Folks,

I know that you are all out there somewhere in this new here and now that seems actually less elusive and fleeting and more dimensional and solid. By now we have perhaps out-habited the old patterns and ways pre-pandemic and found new rhythms, interests, anxieties and wonders. If we made a time capsule of the last couple of months that would conjure up a day of existence in the Spring of 2020 what would you add? What would we see inside? I see snapshots of people walking and biking, artsy face masks, dining room tables transformed into school desks, ping pong and puzzles, birthday car parades, Tiger King, grocery store protocols and plexiglass, trading cards with the photos of doctors, nurses and grocery workers as heroes. Oh, and Zoom! The capsule holds valuable resources that are keeping so many of us connected, engaged, inspired and frustrated (1000 piece puzzle? dang you yogis!) If a time capsule holds memories that we can revisit, then I would like to add sweet, loving ones so I reflect fondly without bitterness. I suppose this then begs the question as to how I am living right now and how I want to move more intentionally through the present days.

And then there is much that feels un-capsulable. The quiet yet powerful articulations of our thoughts that if not skillfully tended can easily disorient and delude us into an abyss of worry and powerlessness. I know that for me binge watching a series that is low frequency or just “all dark” will not improve the health of my mind. One of my teachers Nevine Michaan says we practice yoga so that we don’t lose our minds.  

So how do we not entirely lose it? How do we take care of our minds and the mind of the collective?

I’m inspired by the writer and poet Ocean Vuong who encourages the practice of inquiry and looking. He says, “I value just looking…as if it’s inexhaustible. The world is not mundane nor useless nor ugly. We can look at the world with faith – that it can give us more. I love looking….and getting a 360 degree view like you would look at a sculpture in a museum, from all perspectives and heights…He goes on…”measure your worth by your questions. Can you take your questions out for a walk and give them fresh air?”

The world has collectively paused. Perhaps the way things were going before the virus was slowly eroding our ability to think clearly and look curiously. I wonder if there is a portal here to “take our questions for a walk” in a new field of conscious awareness where we remember that we are co-creating this reality and therefore powerful with creativity and imagination. 

The key I suppose here is to keep walking, keep looking, keep reflecting, and most of all keep co-creating this beautiful, fragile, tender life together.

With you and love to you,


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And there is ALWAYS something to look forward to:

teachers Jen, Mary-Kate, Jackie and Ann all have May birthdays! May is birthday bonanza at the Yoga House…

Happy Birthday!