Hello Yogis,

I’m reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle, who asks some really good questions. Or perhaps it’s that right now I’m spending more meaningful time answering the questions. 

She asks, “what is beautiful and true?”

When I get quiet and still this is what comes into knowing when I ask myself “what is beautiful and true?”

A fulfilling answer to the question of how and when the pandemic will be over and things return to “normal” – inhale, exhale. 

I imagine a way of being and living this life that is different than before this collective pause 

A clear mind knows a path forward

Being at home within oneself and turning inward offers opportunities to heal and to grow

A book on my shelf, “The Joy of Cooking”

Kids are happier when they have down time, unstructured play and space to create 

There is so much I can do; dog grooming, spike ball tournaments, daily home practice, connect with nature and loved ones, use my imagination as a form of prayer to send loving kindness to myself, my family, friends, community and globally

The only justice is that we all have 24 hours in a day. How I choose to organize my time is up to me. This is not only true and beautiful. It’s powerful.

Stay well and stay connected. We sure miss seeing you at the yoga house. 

Only Love,