Jen Breen


I grew up in Seattle in a hippy, creative, curious, outdoor-loving family. During my teenage years my mother would walk around the house in aerobic clothes and drag me to a funky yoga class in a gym. Little did I know that this would become my life’s work and passion. I began studying yoga formally with Cintra Brown in Phoenix, AZ while teaching elementary school with Teach For America. 

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Misty Dawn Fasig


My full name is Misty Dawn Fasig. I was born on a misty day at dawn.

Where I’m from:

Momence, IL, a super small town south of Chicago

What inspires me:

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Kristy Tonti


What gives you joy?

I love people and witnessing them change. I enjoy watching all things grow, whether it’s a Japanese eggplant in the garden or a person on the mat. Our garden inspires me and nourishes me on many levels. I find the joy in the “good work ” of gardening, daily asana, drawing and teaching. 

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Jackie Elliott


I grew up in the foot hills of Mt Rainer, riding horses, climbing mountains, playing music, growing food and sleeping outside whenever possible. Our vacations were often in the San Juans, I swam all year round in those waters and got to know the orca pods well over the years.

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Mary Kate Jackson


I grew up in a small coastal town in Southern Maine, where playing outdoors and yes, eating lobstah, was the norm.  Sports were woven into my childhood like yarn and popsicle sticks.  My parents had me sliding down a mountain on skis at age 3….and a myriad of other sports were sprinkled throughout my youth.  I have always integrated a love for moving my body and enjoyed the camaraderie of a team.  

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Joyce Cooley

Morning Ritual:
Sitting outside with my back resting on a tall cedar tree… listening.

Favorite pose:
Child’s pose

Pet Peeve:
Being late

Famous for:
Homemade kettlekorn

We love her:
Thoughtful and nurturing spirit

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Helen Burke


I grew up in Tacoma, the youngest of 3, in a family who loved golf, debate, laughter, cocktail hour and being neighborly.  In a past life I was a lawyer practicing employment law.  I began practicing the yoga of breath in the final round of my 4th grade spelling bee and came back to it when my oldest daughter was born in 2001.  Luckily I stumbled into Bainbridge Yoga House in the woods with Jen back in 2009 and that sealed the deal.  I am about to begin study for a Masters in Counseling at Antioch in Seattle so I am looking forward to becoming a student again in a way that I haven’t been in quite a while.

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Katie Zonoff

Adore my:
Boston Terrier, Rueben

Favorite Pose:
Trikonasana, Triangle pose

Guilty pleasure:

Loud music

We love her:
Natural charisma and sense of humor.

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Paul King


For me there is nothing theoretical or abstract in the practice of yoga.  

Physical suffering brought me to it later in life than most, already at what I thought to be the end of my physical rope.  I am living witness and a true believer in the power of yoga to heal and to generally enhance the quality of  our lives. The details are unimportant but after a surprisingly short period of regular  practice my body began experiencing transformation.  My outlook soon changed and life became enjoyable again.  

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Sara Tuminello


I grew up on Long Island, in New York, where summers were sun soaked and carefree, spent barefoot in salt water and on pale colored sand. I remember my grandparent’s radiant love and pure acceptance that shined my way. I rediscover this freedom, vibrancy, love and so much more each time I practice. Somehow, someway, yoga helps me reconnect with this vitality, peace, spaciousness and sense of pure possibility.

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drew Kunz


A Midwestern boy, I grew up in Wisconsin surrounded by minibikes and a haze of Pink Floyd. Through my teen years I developed a passion for punk rock, MTV and the Upanishads. At any rate, I’d have to say that my yoga journey didn’t really begin until I was in college-it’s then that I attended my first class and met Linda Ryan who was teaching in an old brick warehouse lining the banks of the Milwaukee River. I still can hear the sweet sound of the radiators clanging. Something just clicked, and I ended up studying and practicing with her for roughly seven years.

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Ann Strickland

Won’t turn down:
Blackberry pie

Favorite pose:

Morning routine:
Candle, coffee, gratefulness list and chant.

Got married and welcomed 2nd grandson

We love her:
Happy spirit and beautiful voice

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